A Message from our Founder & CEO

It’s been 20 years! “Time flies” may be a cliché, but it rings true for us at Plaza Premium Group. It seems like it was only yesterday that my team and I embarked on a mission in 1998 to transform the airport experience for the majority of travellers.

The year 2018 is a year of celebration and we have created this microsite to commemorate our 20th anniversary. I invite you to join me as we take you through our journey over the past 20 years and share our vision for the future of airport hospitality with you – through the eyes of myself, our team, and our partners.


The past 20 years


Our Origins – Creating Comfort, Convenience and Value for Air Travellers

Twenty years ago, Plaza Premium Group was born to meet a simple need: for travellers to have access to comfort and convenience at great value while waiting for flights, regardless of membership or travel status.

Our goal was to revolutionise the airport journey with an independent airport lounge solution comparable to those of airlines’ business class experiences, but accessible to all classes of travel. This led to the launch of our first two Plaza Premium Lounges in 1998 – one in Hong Kong and another in Kuala Lumpur, both significant air transit hubs.

I still remember our early days, when I visited partner after partner to explain this brand new concept within the travel industry; the days when my founding team and I worked day and night to ensure our service, food offering and lounging space were noteworthy; the days when my team and I worked day and night to ensure our service, food offering and lounging space were noteworthy.. Those were truly memorable moments.

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The World’s Independent Airport Hospitality Service Provider

Today, our collective goal has expanded to over 160 locations across 42 international airports, creating treasured airport moments for more than 14 million travellers annually. We work closely with the airport community, financial institutions and travel programmes, as we share similar aspirations to create memorable experiences for travellers. Our commitment to enhance airport hospitality has strengthened, whether it is for Departure, Transit or Arrival travel needs.

Plaza Premium Group today has four hospitality solutions under its wings: airport lounges (Plaza Premium Lounge), airport transit hotels (Aerotel), meet-and-greet services (Allways), and a portfolio of airport dining concepts. Applying more than 20 years of experience with our own branded lounges, we now also provide consultation, design, operation management services, and white-label lounge solutions to our partners.

In 2016, we opened our first Aerotel, an airport transit hotel that caters to the specific needs of transit and stopover passengers, and now, we are about to open our 7th Aerotel soon after just two years. This year, we established our footprint in the US with meet-and-greet service provided by Allways.

This summer, in celebration of our 20-year journey, we are introducing a new lounge concept, Plaza Premium First – an elevated, independent lounge experience designed for the elite traveller.

As the world of travel evolves, so does Plaza Premium Group. However, we remain unwavering in our commitment to Service Excellence. Our achievements would not have been possible without your support, and the dedication of our people, the tight-knit family that makes up Plaza Premium Group.

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The Future


Reshaping and Redefining Airport Hospitality

What about the next 20 years? With record-breaking numbers of air travellers recently, and even more expected over the coming years, key travel hubs in China, Europe and Asia are going through a series of upgrades and enhancements because airports are becoming destinations themselves. Travellers today are savvy, demanding services and facilities that were not traditionally offered inside of airports – this includes seamless pre-flight procedures, hassle-free shopping, dining experiences, and wellbeing and fitness facilities, such as swimming pools, gyms, spas… the list goes on.

We foresee a closer collaboration among the airport and travel industry players, utilising big data to create ‘Customer-First’ airport hospitality experiences.

We also anticipate the need to explore methods to facilitate a more enjoyable airport experience that begins even before travellers’ arrival at the airport, following the movement towards experiential travel and the rise of digital technologies.

Although travel has become a part of life for many, one size does not fit all. We must offer diversity to serve different needs and introduce new concepts of pre-flight and transit experiences – airport hospitality services tailored not just to business travellers, but to solo, couple and family travellers from all generations too.

While I certainly look back with fondness, I also eagerly look forward to the future. Drawing on 20 years of innovation and excellence, I am delighted and excited to take on new opportunities in the travel world with my Plaza Premium Group family.

- Song Hoi See

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