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Corporate Social Responsibility

Social Responsibility

Plaza Premium Group attaches great importance to producing quality products and offering attentive services in the belief of serving customers with comfort, convenience, values and love & care. We also believe that giving back to the society is one of the fundamentals that contribute to our business success. We initiate and participate in many programmes that benefit the communities and the environment in which we operate.

From championing green initiatives to developing people and supporting the communities, many of the programmes which we participate are designed to make a positive difference to the community in which we live and work. We are proud to embrace our social responsibilities with the same dedication and enthusiasm that have distinguished our services in the industry.


Passing down the knowledge to the future generation is a time-honoured practice of embracing the future. We achieve this through various education workshops, seminars, visits or provision of financial support to students as well as those who have a passion to enter the airport hospitality industry; with the objective to allow the industry to thrive in the region. We also offer venue sponsorship and leverage on our industry expertise to achieve this intention and various meaningful causes.

Environmental Initiatives

Plaza Premium Group pursues various environmental initiatives to minimise the carbon footprint in our outlets. We also regularly review our environmental policy and long-term corporate strategy to promote sustainable development. Our outlets, such as The Green Market, feature healthy ingredients in our menu and our spas promote organic products as part of our efforts to improve environmental awareness and physical well-being. We are also committed to supporting ecologically responsible initiatives driven by airport authorities and collaborate with Ocean Park Conservation Foundation in their conservation of Chinese White Dolphins across the Pearl River Estuary project. This attests to our unwavering commitment to conserving the environment where we live in.

In recognition of our commitment to the community, Plaza Premium Group is awarded Caring Company certificates by the Hong Kong Council of Social Service.