PPG Initiatives

Through our PPG Initiatives, we invest in resources and policies dedicated to minimising our footprint and growing our involvement in social justice.

Converting values into action

We build PPG as a legacy, as such, we look beyond our business operations to our role in workplaces, airports, communities and the world at large. Our ESG strategy is to plan macro while executing micro. We are reviewing our partnerships, governance, supply chain and people engagement, all with awareness of impact in the present and future.

Serving travellers means we touch millions of lives, how can we create impact through small moments and interactions? Being in airports means we sit at the cusp of sustainability conversations about carbon and sea levels, have the ability to reach underrepresented urban communities, and can make space for people of all abilities and backgrounds.

We are the leading airport services hospitality company, and that is about more than footprint, it’s about turning our values into action.

Our Stance

People: colleagues, customers and communities

With lenses pointed outwards and inwards, we treat everyone with the respect we would bestow on our valued customers. A focus here on equality, engagement and understanding. We constantly review our people policies, training and offer touchpoints to best support our #PPGFamily and our global customer base. Additionally, we look past our four walls, to the communities in which we operate. For us, outreach and engagement are cornerstones to success.


Product: supply chain to experience

For us the product is an experience. We examine all aspects that create this experience, from building materials, to creating an inclusive space, to the food that’s put on a plate. We iterate all of these choices, constantly striving for better and more sustainable options.


Planet: where all of our locations operate

At PPG we know there’s no business without a home for it, so we’re dedicated to reducing our eco footprint and shifting our operations towards net zero. The road is long, but you have to start or you’ll never get there…


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